Reusable Packaging

Most of our products are moving into reusable bags, such as the Fieldcrest sheet sets. Reuse your sheets packaging as a tote bag, travel pouch, or a small bag to store or organise items at home.

Compostable Bags

Our Cloud 9 pillows are now packaged in certified home compostable bags.

Since 1st of March 2020, we have replaced plastic bags with home compostable packaging.

The compostable bags are made from a mix of compostable materials derived from fossil fuels and sustainable grown GM – Free Corn.

Composting not only reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, it also creates a useful ingredient that can be used to enrich soil and grow plants. 

Quality Assured

We are dedicated to sourcing high quality, sustainable materials and suppliers. Many of our products are Oeko Tex, GOTS or RDS certified to ensure this quality and trust.  

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