Know Your Textiles

We’re committed to creating quality textiles for your home

We hope our products bring beauty and moments of comfort to your daily rituals.


Cotton is a pure natural fibre which is soft, breathable and durable. It starts life as a flower and matures into a ball with a soft fluffy interior, it is collected and spun into the beautiful soft fabric we know and love. It can be woven into a variety of fabrications and products including quality sheets, towels and duvet cover sets. Cotton brings comfort and enjoyment to your everyday.


Polyester is a versatile synthetic fibre. It is the soft airy down alternative featured in many of our pillows and duvet inners.

In this form it is a fluffy, easy to care for fibre which is safe for allergy sensitive sleepers. However it can also be woven into a fine filament yarn to create smooth, soft sheets and bedlinen. Polyester is an easy care, comfortable choice.


Crafted from the flax plant, fibres are cultivated to create a yarn which is woven into the fabric we know and love.

Our linen is enzyme washed to soften the fabric and give a vintage lived in feel. It allows for a beautiful drape and creates an easy care relaxed look without the need for ironing. Linen is breathable, durable, soft and luxurious.


Wool is a natural fibre renowned for its warmth and comfort. A natural insulator which regulates temperature, due to air pockets created in the crimps of the fibre. This gives beautiful loft and allows breathability. Wool is available in different fill weights and blends to suit your warmth and comfort requirements. Snuggle up with wool today.


Our stunning feather and down is carefully sourced to create ethical and luxurious bedding products. Snuggling into the light, lofty warmth of a feather and down duvet and pillow is a moment of luxury.

Down is highly insulating, light and airy, whilst feather brings stability and weight.  Feather and down is used to create high quality duvet inners and pillows which are crafted into different blends and weights to cater for all sleeping environments. Natural warmth for your best night’s sleep.